Public Meetings

Meetings Currently Scheduled:

Tuesday May 21st  6pm CCPT office,  507 Cameron St.

Tuesday April 16th  1pm  Port of Columbia Building  Agenda
Tuesday March 19th 1pm Port of Columbia Building  Agenda - Minutes

Tuesday February 19th.  2pm Port of Columbia Building Agenda - Minutes

Thursday January 17th 1pm Agenda - Minutes

Tuesday January 30th.

Tuesday April 3rd.  Minutes Draft & State Auditors Report

Tuesday May 23rd Minutes Approved

Tuesday July 24th  Minutes Draft

Tuesday September 18th  Agenda - Minutes

Special Meeting - Friday, September 21st  Notice-Minutes

Special Meeting - Friday October 12th Notice- Minutes

Special Meeting - Monday October 15th Notice- Minutes

Special Meeting - Tuesday November 13th Notice- Minutes

Tuesday November 27th Minutes

Special Meeting - Friday December 7th - Agenda

Tuesday December 18th  -  Agenda - Minutes

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